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With different lenders and loan options, there’s a REEL solution for your home improvement needs.

    Program benefits

    •  No home equity needed
    •  No lien on your property
    •  Competitive rates
    •  Affordable monthly payments
    •  No closing costs
    •  No origination fees
    •  No prepayment penalties - pay off your loan early
    •  100% financing
    •  Up to 30% of loan amount towards nonenergy improvements
    •  Available to a wide range of credit scores and incomes
    •  Broad list of energy efficiency projects to choose from
    •  Reduce project cost with investor-owned utility rebates/incentives

    What can be financed?

    Use the tabs below to browse home improvement projects that can be financed with REEL.

    Start your project today!

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    Here are four simple steps to finance your home energy improvement project with REEL.

    1. Get a project estimate from a contractor.

    3. Receive lender confirmation to start your project.

    Boutique Secret Boutique Victoria's Victoria's Secret Boutique Swimsuit Victoria's Secret Top Top Swimsuit Victoria's Boutique Swimsuit Secret Top Victoria's Secret Secret Boutique Boutique Swimsuit Victoria's Top 4. Sign loan closing documents and enjoy your comfortable, efficient home.

    Take measures into your own hands!

    The REEL program allows for do-it-yourselfers. Appliances and several other qualified home improvements can be self-installed.