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Greetings Summoners, A new type of event quest is coming to The Contest for a limited time! Danger Rooms will be available to test your skills starting September 5th, 10:00 AM PDT and running until October 3rd, 10:00 AM PDT


Danger Rooms are Daily Quests that test your skills and your roster! Each day a new Danger Room will be available with new Champion Requirements that will affect which Champions you can bring into the Quest. When a Champion Requirement is on a Quest, only Champions that meet those requirements can be used in that Quest.

For Example, the first Danger Room that releases will require Science Champions. No other classes will be able to enter that day’s Danger Room. There are also requirements on what Rarity (Star level) of Champion can be brought in. So keep a close eye on what the Champion Requirement each day is, as the specific requirement will depend on your Difficulty. Summoners with wide rosters of 2-Stars and 3-Stars will be well rewarded for their efforts! So how many of these Danger Rooms are there exactly?

These Danger Rooms will run on a weekly schedule and reset after the 7th Day. The full schedule and all requirements can be found below. Danger Rooms will have 3 Difficulties (Beginner, Normal, Heroic) While Level 30+ Summoners will be able to access GIFTED Danger Rooms, which contain Master and Epic difficulty, and greater rewards.


The 7th Day also holds something special! An UNCANNY Danger Room will be available on the 7th Day each week. This Quest has ENTRY COSTS and requires 3 Uncanny Passes to enter, which can be gained from the previous weeks Danger Rooms. 1 Danger Room Completed = 1 Uncanny Pass. Save up through the week and spend your Passes to enter and take on these tougher challenges for even greater Rewards! Passes are Difficulty specific, so if you want to complete the Epic Difficulty of the Uncanny Danger Room, you’ll need Epic Uncanny Pass. After the 7th day, the schedule will reset back to Day 1.

The 7th Day will also have a Regular Danger Room for you to participate in and earn Passes, but the UNCANNY Danger Room DOES NOT have Champion Requirements. So be CAREFUL who you bring in as your Passes are CONSUMED upon entry. Similar to our previous Quests with Entry Costs.



Alongside the Danger Room Quests, 7-Day Danger Room Completion Alliance Event will be running every week for the duration of the event. All you need to do to gain points is complete Danger Room Quests, with more difficult quests awarding more points! Achieve milestones to get rewards for your whole Alliance to get additional Uncanny Passes for the Uncanny Danger Room Quests!

There are minimum contribution requirements for this Alliance events and there are no Rank rewards.

There are 4 rounds of Alliance events:

Week 1 09/05 10 AM PDT - 09/12 10 AM PDT
Week 2 09/12 10 AM PDT - 09/19 10 AM PDT
Week 3 09/19 10 AM PDT - 09/26 10 AM PDT
Week 4 09/26 10 AM PDT - 10/03 10 AM PDT


Every week on Day 7 of the Danger Room Event, an additional Uncanny Danger Room Completion Solo Event will be available for 24 hours. Complete Uncanny Danger Room Quests to to gain points for this event!

There are no Rank Rewards for this event.

There are 4 rounds of this Solo events total:

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Week 1: 09/11 10 AM PDT - 09/12 10 AM PDT
Week 2: 09/18 10 AM PDT - 09/19 10 AM PDT
Week 3: 09/25 10 AM PDT - 09/26 10 AM PDT
Week 4: 10/02 10 AM PDT - 10/03 10 AM PDT


Here is an outline for what you can earn from each version of Danger Rooms. Remember, you can earn Regular and Gifted Danger Room Rewards daily, 7 times a week for the duration of the event, and can potentially enter Uncanny Danger Rooms TWICE a week each week if you get enough passes!

Danger Rooms / Gifted Danger Rooms

Beginner Uncanny Ticket x1
Premium Hero Crystal Shards x200
Tier 2 Basic Catalyst Fragments x80
Tier 1 Basic Catalyst Fragments x100

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Normal Uncanny Ticket x1
3-Star Shards x100
Tier 2 Basic Fragments x150
Tier 3 Basic Fragments x200

Heroic Uncanny Ticket x1
4-Star Shards x50
Tier 1 Alpha Fragments x140
Tier 4 Basic Fragments x180
Tier 3 Basic Fragments x600

Master Uncanny Ticket x1
5-Star Shards x50
Tier 4 Basic Fragments x360
Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal x1

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Epic Uncanny Ticket x1
5-Star Shards x100
Tier 2 Alpha Fragments x180
Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal x1
Tier 4 Basic Fragments x720

Uncanny Danger Rooms
Premium Hero Crystal Shards x500
Tier 1 Class Catalyst Crystal x1
Tier 1 Basic Catalyst Fragments x150

3-Star Shards x400
Tier 2 Basic Fragments x325
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Tier 3 Basic Fragments x1400
Tier 2 Class Catalyst Crystal x1

4-Star shards x150
Tier 1 Alpha Fragments x280
Tier 4 Basic Fragments x720
Tier 3 Class Catalyst Crystal x1

5-Star Shards x100
Tier 2 Alpha Fragments x180
TIer 4 Basic Fragments x1800
Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal x1

5-Star Shards x200
Tier 2 Alpha Fragments x540
Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal x2
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  • winterthur Posts: 1,998
    2☆ champs ... in Master but against 4☆ ?
  • Awesome, love the inclusion of t2a as well as 5* shards
  • Buttehrs Posts: 215
    This seems great
  • LoPresti Posts: 811
    How many fights do you have to do each day? If this is anything like the Black Panther Trials then this is gonna be great!
  • Like that you have added some use for the 2-star champs
  • Definitely sounds interesting and fresh

    1) Will these be single or multiple path maps?
    Kloth Kut the Promotion the Promotion from Kut from

    2) How many nodes (steps) per map? Or number of energy refills needed to complete all 5 difficulties?
    Assuming this is running alongside a monthly event quest, completing all difficulties could be draining.
    the the Promotion Kut Kloth Kut from Promotion from

    3) Expected match-up difficulty?
    Sure , it should be challenging, but will Epic be facing 6-star defenders with 15k rating?
  • About what Power Level will champs in these Danger Rooms have? I'm imagining Gwenpool Goes to the Movies + about 50% or something...
    ooh boy this is intriguing...
  • NOOOOOOOOPEEEEE Posts: 1,090
    edited August 30
    So now that we got the side quest info can we get the Main Quest info as well? Or do we have to wait. I'm itching to find out who is added next.
  • I’m actually really excited to do the champion requirements stuff.
    from the Kloth Kut from Kut Promotion the Promotion
  • Jestress Posts: 463
    Looks like Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister are coming to the contest...
  • Buttehrs Posts: 215
    If yall would read the other accouncement about champion requirements you'd see that they know we cant fight 6* champs with 3* champs. But go ahead and keep thinking they dont know stuff lol
  • What the level of the opponents? 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*, 6*?
    Just to know if it worth to lose time on this or if we'll have to fight a 6* Modok as boss with a 2 star Mystic
  • Really hope these “champion requirements” stay confined to side events with terrible rewards, don’t really have the time to grind out resources to rank up my top champs, and random 3*s that’ll see use for a couple weeks
  • This last month we have had a unique Versus Crystal for some unique 2-stars related to the event. Will there be any unique (Mutant) Crystal for this event relative to these Danger Rooms?
  • MattMan wrote: »

    Weak sauce. Not worth the thumb energy

    hey I think it seems like a fair bit. Yeah, it's not as good as Trials of the Mad Titan, but it's definitely decent. I'll definitely be doing it.
  • Buttehrs Posts: Kut Kloth Kut Promotion the from the Promotion from 215
    5k t2a shards? Better than no t2a shards lol.