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About the Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Fawu Wang is chairholder of UNESCO Chair on Geoenvironmental Disaster Reduction, professor on geo-disaster reduction in Department of Earth Science and director of the Research Center on Natural Disaster Reduction, Shimane University, Japan. Prior to joining Shimane University in 2010, he has studied and worked in Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University in Japan for more than 10 years. He has been working on challenging problems in landslides, such as the mechanism of rapid and long runout landslides, the transformation mechanism from landsliding to flow-sliding, motion prediction of landslides, motion behavior of submarine landslides, and landslides triggered by earthquakes, heavy rainfall, and water impoundment. His primary research interests are to clarify the common mechanisms of landslides initiated by different triggers, and to find a way to predict the occurrence and motion of landslides, for the purpose of landslide disaster mitigation. Besides the teaching and research activities, he is also working as the Director-General of the International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction.

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    Authors: Fawu Wang, Ping Sun, Lynn Highland and Qiangong Cheng

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    Authors: Austin Chukwueloka-Udechukwu Okeke and Fawu Wang

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    Forthcoming special issues

    Laboratory and field testing for landslide risk analysis
    Deadline for submissions: 1st October 2018
    Edited by Sabatino Cuomo and Zeljko Arbanas

    Landslide Dams
    Deadline for submissions: 1st October 2018
    Edited by Nicola Casagli, Alexander Strom, Xuanmei Fan and Hans-Balder Havenith

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    Special Issue Collection

    For previously published Special Issues, Age of Printed Wisdom Printed Wisdom Shirt Age of qEnHxz5w.

    Outfitters Shorts Khaki American Eagle Boutique Society affiliation

    Geoenvironmental Disasters is affiliated with the International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction (ICGdR)

    The journal is financially supported by the International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction, who provide funds to cover the cost of publication for authors who cannot bear the Article Processing Charges (APCs). In those cases authors should contact the EiC before submitting to the journal:

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    Aims and scope

    Geoenvironmental Disasters is an international journal with a focus on multi-disciplinary applied and fundamental research and the effects and impacts on infrastructure, society and the environment of geoenvironmental disasters triggered by various types of geo-hazards (e.g. earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, tsunamis, intensive erosion and hydro-meteorological events).

    The integrated study of Geoenvironmental Disasters is an emerging and composite field of research interfacing with areas traditionally within civil engineering, earth sciences, atmospheric sciences and the life sciences. It centers on the interactions within and between the Earth's ground, air and water environments, all of which are affected by climate, geological, morphological and anthropological processes; and biological and ecological cycles. Disasters are dynamic forces which can change the Earth pervasively, rapidly, or abruptly, and which can generate lasting effects on the natural and built environments.

    The journal publishes research papers, case studies and quick reports of recent geoenvironmental disasters, review papers and technical reports of various geoenvironmental disaster-related case studies. The focus on case studies and quick reports of recent geoenvironmental disasters helps to advance the practical understanding of geoenvironmental disasters and to inform future research priorities; they are a major component of the journal. The journal aims for the rapid publication of research papers at a high scientific level. The journal welcomes proposals for special issues reflecting the trends in geoenvironmental disaster reduction and monothematic issues. Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions.

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    Best Paper Award 2017

    The best paper award for 2017 was bestowed to:
    Spaceborne, UAV and ground-based remote sensing techniques for landslide mapping, monitoring and early warning” by Nicola Casagli, William Frodella, Stefano Morelli, Veronica Tofani, Andrea Ciampalini, Emanuele Intrieri, Federico Raspini, Guglielmo Rossi, Luca Tanteri and Ping Lu
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    (No. 9, Vol. 4)



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