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Basic Approach

Canon thinks it is important to have ongoing dialogue with its diverse stakeholders to communicate the company’s thinking to them and to listen carefully to their own feedback with the aim of deepening mutual understanding. We consequently strive to maintain close communication with stakeholders using departments in charge at Group companies worldwide as points of contact. Based on opinions and tasks received, we deal appropriately with the needs of each region, and at the same time, we are sharing the important issues related to global management throughout the Group and working to resolve the issues. Here, we introduce our methods of communicating with stakeholders and introduce some specific initiatives. The stakeholders indicated here are those that Canon believes are of high importance in terms of its business activities.

Stakeholder Main Communication
Main Initiatives in 2016
Educations and Research Institutions
  • Joint research
  • Presentations at international conferences and technical groups
  • Business introductions
  • Participation in surveys and studies
  • Outreach classes and instructor dispatch
  • Onsite briefings at schools and school visits (university/technical college level)
Canon dispatched instructors to Utsunomiya University, Center for Optical Research and Education, and collaborative lecturers on intellectual property law and corporate law to universities (15 times each). Outreach classes were held at universities and research institutions of Canon Foundation grant recipients on 17 occasions. We hosted 15 industry–academia and other research promotion department visits, and the company made two visits to university public relations and outreach departments. Canon held roughly 100 onsite briefings at universities, introducing the company and explaining its business operations. We also conducted collaborative R&D with university hospitals in Japan. Canon is working to maintain regular communication with educational and research institutions.
  • Labor–management meetings
  • Information sharing from top management (intranet, in-house magazine, executive meetings, site visits)
  • Training programs
  • Employee surveys
  • Human resource hotline
  • Whistleblower system
  • Safety and Health Committee
  • Internal award system
  • Summer festivals and other events
Canon held labor–management meetings on 10 occasions. We are working to make individual workplaces more rewarding based on input received from an annual employee survey. And, through monthly meetings of workplace safety committees, we are building a framework to utilize employee feedback in our operations.
  • Collaborative projects, including volunteer activities
In collaboration with UNHCR Representation in Japan and Japan for UNHCR*, Canon screened films from the UNHCR Refugee Film Festival and assisted with fund-raising for the organization among the roughly 200 employees who attended the event. Additionally, we gather information and receive updates from various organizations, such as NGOs/NPOs and social welfare associations, working in disaster-affected areas, and offer ongoing support for humanitarian and disaster-relief activities. We are also working to strengthen ties in relation to biodiversity activities and green procurement.
  • Fashion Digital Milk Pattern Sleeve Hoodie Unisex Long Leisure Dropped * The national partner of UNHCR in Japan
Embassies and Foreign Governments
  • Involvement in international exchanges and events
  • Cooperation with events commemorating the establishment of diplomatic relations with Japan
We interact with embassies and foreign governments around 50 times each year, responding to requests for courtesy calls and taking part in hearings and other meetings. We continue to actively participate in international exchanges and events.
Local and Global Communities
  • Social-contribution activities, including community cleanups
  • Emergency disaster-relief assistance
  • Participation in disaster-preparedness and crime-prevention drills
  • Involvement in local groups/organizations
  • Participation in local events and volunteer activities
  • Environmental education and awareness activities
We were involved in cleanups and ran educational, sports and cultural programs, among other social contribution activities within the community. We are deepening our ties with local communities by supporting traffic-safety and disaster-preparedness drills.
Shareholders and Investors
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Briefings for institutional investors and analysts
  • Interviews with institutional investors and analysts
  • Briefings for individual investors
  • Disclosure of information on website for investors
  • Publication of corporate reports/brochures for investors, including Annual Report
We held briefings to explain Canon’s initiatives on five occasions, including financial results announcement briefings and corporate strategy briefings. We are also endeavoring to meet investor needs by providing timely information disclosure on our website for investors.
  • Online supplier surveys
  • Briefings for suppliers
  • Technology exhibitions by suppliers
  • Promotion of green procurement
We conduct a general survey once a year on finance, corporate information, and corporate ethics. In addition, we held 5 business activity briefings and hosted a technology exhibition by a supplier.
  • Corporate website
  • Technology exhibitions and other events
  • Assistance at service centers
  • Factory tours and showroom tours
  • Corporate reports, brochures
  • Response to inquiries by telephone and email
  • Support for reducing environmental impact
In addition to holding such events, we provide onsite product servicing for corporate clients and make regular follow-up calls. Furthermore, we strive to cultivate customer trust through such initiatives as business briefings.
National and Local Governments
  • Exchange of opinions with government agencies on business environment and national policies
  • Exchange of opinions centered on local government
  • Policy recommendations through economic organizations and industry groups
  • Cooperation in surveys and questionnaires such as government statistics
In addition to receiving a visit at the request of government agencies and municipalities, there were more than 200 opportunities for exchange in various forms such as hearings and meetings. We continue active cooperation towards grasping the actual condition and resolving issues of the business environment as well as implementing and realizing economic policies such as those related to intellectual property, trade, taxation, labor, and the environment.
Other Companies
  • Collaborative projects
Canon conducts joint research with other companies and undertakes development work.